a.k.a. BGBB

"The beginning"

The Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers was formed out of the need for a group that would fulfill the needs and desires of several bikers that had been riding for many years and wanted more out of the "Lifestyle"
These Brothers, some Patch Holders others Independent bikers wanted to form a true Brotherhood of bikers that believed in "The Old Ways" and wanted to preserve the biker protocols for biker posterity.
The Brothers decided that their mission would be to teach the willing new or uneducated riders in the "Old Ways" and the protocols of the biker lifestyle, thus the "Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers" was formed in 2001.
The founding members drafted a set of bylaws under which all BGBB Members shall conform to and live by, these bylaws still exist today but continue to be fine tuned to better fit our beloved Brotherhood.
Since then the BGBB has grown at a slow but steady pace and includes members from all over the U.S. and Canada plus support members from Canada, the UK and Australia.
The BGBB is not nor never will be a motorcycle club but is by no means an Internet club either, we do not have an open membership invitation and we do not sell patches to just anyone, the BGBB is in every sense of the word a "True Biker Brotherhood"
But being like most biker organizations this growth hasn't always been a smooth growth, it has had its share of setbacks along the way. In 2002 one of the founding members of the BGBB who was the forum owner and Moderator decided he no longer had the time to run the forum and turned its ownership and moderator duties completely over to our Brother Radar who still holds that position today.
In 2003 there was a split within the Brotherhood that was very painful for all the Brothers but the true and faithful stuck it out and the BGBB has become even stronger and better then ever.
In February 2004 the BGBB hit a milestone in its existence and expanded it's boundaries by voting in our first Full Brother from outside of the United States and Canada, the member that holds that distinction is BGBB Brother Albin (The Baron) who hails from Sweden.
On the 05th day of August 2005 a proposal was made and a discussion was started by Brother Wizzzard (WizzzardBones) to create a BGBB Historian position to create a written history plus maintain an on-going history for the BGBB and its future members.
On the 17th day of August 2005 a vote was held and as a result of that vote on the 24th day of August Brother RoadHog became the first official BGBB Historian.

Compiled by Brother Pat (RoadHog) Patterson
Official Historian for the Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers
"And the history continues"

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